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5 Things You Need To Consider To Create Your Dream Walk-In Wardrobe:

It’s a space you’ve always dreamed of, especially if like me you were a Sex in The City fan and instantly fell in love with Carries New York wardrobe.. the dresses, the shoes, the bags! But when it comes to transforming your existing dressing room space - whether it’s a room all to itself or a small cupboard can feel like a massive task. And adding this to your already huge to do list can feel a little overwhelming.

As an Interior Designer and Stylist I often discuss these rooms with clients and space is always the biggest challenge, especially in England. Usually you will be moving from a much smaller space and there are definitely some things to consider to make sure your new wardrobe works for you and all your needs.

Follow these 5 tips to create the walk-in wardrobe you’ve always dreamed of.

1) Edit your clothes:

When creating a new walk-in wardrobe it can be tempting to move all of your existing clothes & accessories into the space, even the leggings you’ve had for 10 years that have seen better days. Having a good edit means that everything in your wardrobe not only suits you and makes you feel confident, but only houses your favourite items. Don’t spend money creating a space for items that don’t make your feel your absolute best.

2) Measure for the space you need:

Make sure you prioritise hanging space especially for coats and dresses. Separate your shorter and longer clothes when planning your wardrobe so you know how much space is needed. And then add 20% - you want space so that your existing clothes aren’t swamped and for any new purchases.

An average room is 2.2 m high which allows for either two rows (one above and one below) to hang shorter clothes on or one row for long hanging clothes and possibly a couple of drawers or shelves underneath.

3) Be imaginative:

You will find some space is a bit redundant. Especially above a rail or in corners. Rather than not using it, try adding a shelf. They are great spaces for hats, folded winter coats in summer months and anything you don’t use regularly.

Shoe bars can look impressive but really only work with heels so instead I would suggest opting for flat shelves and popping your shoes in clear boxes. So they stay neat but you can see at a quick glance what’s inside.

4) Lighting:

Adding some well-placed LED spotlights can make all the difference. They not only help you see your clothes properly but can be used to highlight certain shelves. In particular ones with accessories you absolutely love, like that Chloe Bag you had on your Wishlist on Net A Porter for a year. Lighting definitely adds a cost to your walk-in wardrobe, so as a guide think about adding an extra 20% to your budget.

5) Doors:

Depending on your room layout you can save space with pocket doors or sliding doors. And adding a mirror to at least one of the doors means that you won’t need to add another piece of furniture to the room.

Whether you opt for fitted or modular wardrobes your space is as individual as your needs. So take some time to map the layout of your room. And really think about your specific requirements. Then discuss your options with other professionals from carpenters to electricians to Interior Designers to make sure the room really works for you.

Your walk-in wardrobe should make your mornings more efficient and easier, a place where you feel calm and confident, so take the time and expertise to get the space right.

If you need help creating your ideal dressing room, or space saving ideas call or message me and let's see if we can make the change you need.

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