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5 reasons to hire an Interior Designer and Stylist

You spend a lot of time at home, particularly over the last couple of years. It’s your sanctuary, the place you race home to every day after work to spend time with family and friends. Or even to escape the madness of everyday life.

So when you decide you need a home update, enlisting the help of an Interior Designer or Stylist could feel a little daunting. Will they force to you have something you don’t like? Will it end up costing too much money? Are they silently judging your choices? Do you want to invite them into your home, after all its personal, right?

I’d like to put your mind at rest, as an Interior Designer and Stylist I absolutely love interiors. Curating spaces that not only function but spark joy for my clients is my ultimate goal. I really enjoy working closely with my clients and giving solutions while bringing their story to life throughout their home.

Obviously you don’t have to work with and Interior Designer and Stylist, but sometimes when you are living in a space you can start to miss its potential and where improvements, even small ones, could make a huge difference.

Read on for 5 reasons why working with an Interior Designer and Stylist will not only help you create a space you love but also be a process you’ll enjoy:

1) Give you confidence in your choices

Our goal is collaborate and help you refine your choices while creating a space you will cherish. And while we will always say if something isn’t possible or point you in the direction of other specialists, it’s ultimately your vision. If however you are really unsure and don’t know what you want, that’s ok too. We will help you to discover how you want to feel in your room (which is a big factor in the design) as well as all your needs from colour scheme, to furniture to layout.

2) Save You Time (& your sanity)

An Interior Designer and Stylist can definitely save you time. Casting an expert eye over your home to create designs that suit your tase, needs and budget. We enjoy working out room challenges and giving you the best solutions. Depending on the package you choose this can include planning, budgeting, room layouts, liaising with trade teams, project management, sourcing furniture and styling your home. This all takes time and effort, and we know your to do list can feel never ending. So this means you will have more time to concentrate on…. everything else (insert smiley face).

3) Can Save You Money

Whether you need a full Interior Design and Project Management service or Online E-design and Inspiration package. An Interior Designer and Stylist will not only save money through budgeting, trade discounts and expert decisions, but can also add value to your home. While this is a luxury, a professional will help you avoid expensive errors which is invaluable. If a home has been curated with an expert eye (from space saving solutions to colour schemes to fixtures and fittings) it will be more desirable to potential buyers, which is always a plus.

4) Trained Eye

An Interior Designer will bring a wealth of knowledge and resources. We look at the finer details from the architecture of your house to layouts and space planning. We guide you on how to use your existing furniture and advise you on how to make your home feel the way you want it to feel. We can articulate creative and practical ideas especially with other trades (this may include moving walls, doors and windows, bespoke furniture). We design and create lighting and electrical layouts for refurbishment and new-build projects. And can also oversee and project manage projects from start to finish.

5) Unique Ideas

An Interior Designer specialises in optimising rooms so that you can get the most out of them and love to create functioning and enjoyable spaces where you feel organised, calm and comfortable. In England space can often be an issue, an Interior Designer has the know-how to design and introduce creative furniture and storage solutions to make your life easier. But it’s not just that, we live and breathe interiors and this means that we will often bring a unique perspective to your home and maybe something you hadn’t thought of.

Your time is precious, and your money can go much farther than you think! As an interior designer, I listen to your needs and work with you to create beautiful, welcoming spaces that are the perfect place for you to live, grow and enjoy life together. I’d love to hear about your latest projects so pop a comment below and let’s see if we can make the change you need.

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