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5 Mood Boosting Bedroom Colours:

Choosing the perfect colour for your bedroom can seem like such a minefield, If you’re feeling the overwhelm and losing the battle with your partner (it happens to all of us) check out my colour tips to guide you to your perfect hue.

Colour is emotive and can affect us emotionally and physically, while yellow feels fresh, bright and can actually increase energy (a great option for your kitchen or home office colour scheme). Red is a great colour for socialising, but can raise blood pressure and irritability so steer clear for rooms you want to relax in.

But what about your bedroom, colour surrounds us so it’s important to focus on how you want to feel in the room. Most of us want to relax and unwind in our bedrooms they are a sanctuary of sleep so opting for calming restful colours is, in my opinion, is a must.

1) Blue – Is definitely a crowd pleaser, a relaxing colour that is known to clear the mind and even lower blood pressure. Pastel blues can feel a little cold so opt for a warm blue like Farrow & Ball Stone Blue

2) Pink – Can actually have a calming effect and have been proven to relive feelings of rage and neglect. Rose pink like is ideal for bedrooms as can help develop self-love while lighter pinks promote feelings of playfulness so it’s a great option to include in children’s bedrooms

3) Green – is the colour of nature and has restorative, soothing, rejuvenating properties and has been proven to actually relax the muscles in your eyes – it’s part of the reason you feel so restored after a walk in the countryside. Try on panelling or to accent feature.

4) Purple – May bring up 70’s boudoir memories but it’s actually known for its romantic, luxurious vibes. While a full wall of purple might feel a bit dramatic you could add lighter hues of lavender and lilac, in cushions, art and lamps to enhance a feeling of calm.

5) White – Is a great way to make your bedroom feel more spacious and gives the feeling of purity and cleanliness. To elevate the space try adding other neutrals into the scheme and a hint of green or pink to pull the room together.

Now’s the time to investigate, so create a Bedroom Pinterest board and start pinning room schemes you like the colour of, you will start to find a common thread. Then try some colour swatches on your wall. Remember to look at the look at the colour swatches you’ve painted throughout the day as it will change depending on the amount of light coming into your room and where the sun rises and sets. And enjoy the process.. taking a little bit of time to make sure you’ve chosen the right colour for you, will mean you will love your bedroom for years to come.

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