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5 Easy Tips On How To Feng Shui Your Bedroom.

I was a teenager when I first heard about Feng Shui and thinking back it definitely kick started my journey into Interiors. My rudimental knowledge at the time meant I had everyone in my house moving art from above their beds and always keeping to toilet lid down (prosperity and also cleanliness right!)

It’s something that was always in the back of my mind as an Interior Designer and Stylist, but having just read The Happy Home by Patricia Lohan, it's reignited my passion for wellness in the home. After all Feng Shui is a bit like acupuncture for your home. It realigns energy and helps to keep it moving around you house. You may think this is a bit far-fetched but Feng Shui is a practise that has been around for over 4000 years and was created to live a healthy and vibrant life.. something we all want.

It’s probably something you’ve felt without even being conscious of it. You know that feeling when you move some of your furniture around, especially if its stayed in the same place for a long time. Or you’ve re-organised your book shelves and had a really good declutter. And you get a surge of great renewed energy. And every time you walk into the room it makes you smile. That’s some of the Feng Shui magic at work.

This is a complex practise with many levels and to really benefit its always best to work with a Feng Shui Consultant, as everyone’s home is individual. However there are some simple tips you could follow now to help improve the energy in your home.

So read on for 5 easy tips to Feng Shui your bedroom and help enhance that high vibe energy:

1. Remove all technology. This could be a contentious one but hear me out. Your bedroom should be a space to rest and recuperate. Ultimately it’s the room you retreat to for a good night’s sleep, so make sure its set up for this by removing mobile phones, laptops and TV’s so that you can truly switch off.

2. Art work. Avoid having anything hanging over your bed and think in pairs. Artwork has a strong energy in Feng Shui so steer clear of stormy seas, lonely figures, moored boats and one of anything. Instead opt for art that brings you joy, is seen in pairs and signifies what you want to bring into your life, love, abundance and happiness. Art is of course subjective so this is focussed on how it makes you feel. If you do have a picture of a moored boat but it brings back happy childhood memories then keep it.

3. Photos. Avoid family pictures in your bedroom, this room is for you and your partner. So make sure any photos you have in here are of the two of you. Unless you are loving the single life, which a lot of my friends are. In which case keep this space as a shrine to you and all of your fabulousness.

4. Declutter from under your bed. Having clutter under your bed can interrupt the flow of energy and can actually effect your sleep. Try to remove anything stored here to another space. If you have a divan bed with storage make sure its bedding, towels and pyjamas that are stored here. All things relating to your bed and sleep.

5. Home Office. Ideally you would have a room dedicated to your office. However with so many of us working from home now, it’s often the only space available for your desk. If that’s the case don’t worry. Keep your desk free so that you can move your lap top out of your room or into a draw at the end of your working day. If you can keep your paperwork and printer elsewhere, that’s ideal. If not see if you can place the printer in a cupboard and try using a room divider in front of your desk at night to keep the ‘office space’ out of sight. If that’s not possible and let’s face it space is a premium in the UK, you could pop a cute sheet or blanket over the top of your desk for the same effect. Try and make sure it’s a colour, texture, pattern you love so that again it sparks joy.

I love:

Room Divider

Peony & Sage fabric

There are so many facets to Feng Shui. From working out your Guas, to energetic clearing to decluttering. But I hope these simple tips spark an interest and give you a bit of motivation to enhance your bedroom and renew energy. Plus if you’re interested in reading The Happy Home by Patricia Lohan I’ve popped a link for you here

And if you need a little help creating your ideal space call or message me and let's see if we can make the change you need.

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