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10 Tips To Create A Gallery Wall

Whether you want to give life to a plain wall and add a bit of texture and interest. Or maybe display your favourite images and create a real focal point in your home. As an Interior Designer & Stylist I find a gallery wall is a great way to tell your story and show your creativity and interests. Maybe you love old films posters, have a favourite artist or have collected lots of holiday and family photos over the years & need a way to display them.

It doesn’t have to be complex and if you’re a bit time poor it means you can update your space without painting or wallpapering. Here’s my top tips on how to start your gallery wall:

1. Choose your style. From an eclectic mix with lots of different coloured frames and sizes to a grid option which is more uniform.

2. Add a mix of drawings, prints, photos so it feels more like mementos.

3. Take your time this should feel like a collection of images you love.

4. Use different coloured frames and sizes to make it more individual. If you prefer a more uniform style keep the frame colour the same.

5. You won’t necessarily have all the images/ prints right now. So I would suggest x1 large frame, x2 medium size frames & x3 small frames to start. This will look super stylish on its own or you can add to this shape over time.

6. Measure your frames and add Frog Tape to the wall (it will stick but won’t pull the paint off) and play around with how they look. Or cut the shapes out of paper and blue tack them to the wall to make sure you like the design.

7. Start in the middle with the largest piece and fit the rest of the frames around it to keep the space balanced.

8. Keeping two inches between the frames is a good starting place, but this can be changed. Just make sure you stick to the same amount of space between each frame.

9. You can add geometric shapes as well to add texture and inject some personality into the space.

10. Try and keep the frames and pictures a light weight so that you can use removable hanging strips instead of creating lots of holes in the wall.

And enjoy, this is such a rewarding way to bring your personality into your home.

I’d love to hear your tips on how to create a gallery wall, pop any ideas in the comments below.

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